April 23, 2021: Are You Plugged In?

Dear Saint Teresa Parishioners,

We ask you to join our efforts to build and strengthen community at St. Teresa parish.

"Are You Plugged In?"  Let's help one another!

MAY 2nd Food Truck Kick-Off:  Bean Box Coffee Trailer  The food truck will be at St. T's from 8:45-11:45 with coffee and pastries will be available for purchase.  

Let's reconnect as a parish family!

What is this?  As members of the social committee our mission is to provide opportunities for parishioners to socialize.  We have formed a campaign called "Are You Plugged In?"  This catchy phrase and campaign are to help parishioners to think more about their involvement.

Why are we asking groups to help?  As a small social committee, we realize it will require your help to reach as many parishioners as possible and ensure this effort is sustainable.  We believe this is the best way to reach many people without asking too much from one group.  Men's Club, Thrift Store, Grand Group, Godteens, Bible Study, Mother's Groups, Choirs, Knights, Homeschoolers, Preschool Programs, Scouts, Pro-Life, School Family, Priests, etc.  Will You Please Help Us?  "Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them." Matt. 18:20

Hosting ONE Sunday a year will mean your smaller community, within our larger church community, will coordinate a simple activity that facilitates fellowship on the Sunday of your choice.  Please volunteer to cover the 8:00, 10:00 and/or 12:00 Masses.  (Your choice to cover one Mass or more) The sign up only displays 8:00 Mass.  Your group can personalize and determine how you will cover the three Mass times.  Please call the parish office two weeks before your Sunday to place an announcement in the bulletin and Mass announcements.

What are we asking?  We are asking each group to take only one Sunday this year and provide a small activity to help us reach out.  One group may choose to offer a warm beverage, another bubbles for the children, another a baked item.  This is meant to be easy and take about ten minutes.  If weather permits, use the outdoors or the church vestibule/cry room.  We discourage the basement for this because it prevents some from participating, and we want to catch people as they walk out the door...  Stay a few minutes and connect with others.  "Are You Plugged In?"

Who does this benefit?  We hope by community-building we reach those who would normally leave following Mass without visiting and it provides them with an opportunity to socialize... to build up our community.  We hope this helps provide visibility for your small group, highlights community that already exits and strengthens it.  Please help us reach out to others.

What your group can do now:  The point is to make contact, to connect and reach out to help strengthen our parish family.  Will you use the sign up and join us in this effort?  Please work with those you know and brainstorm how you can reach out.

MAY 2nd Food Truck Kick-Off:  

Bean Box Coffee Trailer  The coffee food truck will be at St. T's from 8:45-11:45                                        

Coffee and pastries will be available for purchase.  Let's reconnect as a parish family!

Yours In Christ,

Mary Koenig and Laurie Clark