June 17, 2021: Eucharistic Adoration Update & Sign-Up

Dear Saint Teresa Parishioners,

Thank you to those who help make Eucharistic adoration possible at St. Teresa's! We have some slots to fill, and we could definitely use more subs to help out with summer hours!


One of our adorers said, "I started this year. I didn't think I would have time. Now it's my favorite time of the week. It's quiet. It's peaceful. It's an hour with God. It's beautiful."

Sometimes people are nervous about doing a holy hour because they've never done one before. If that's you, below are some how to/tips for making a holy hour. A great way to get started is to sign up as a sub. You aren't committed to a specific hour each week and only say yes if it works in your schedule. As you become more comfortable doing holy hours, you may find that you want a set hour each week, or maybe you like being a sub for the flexibility of it.

To begin, there are no set prayers or routine that you need to do in a holy hour. Each holy hour is as unique as the person doing it! The main purpose is to spend time with our Lord. It's nice to start the holy hour with an intention. You may have a special intention of your own, or you can offer it for healing in our parish, city, state, country and world, along with the conversion of sinners, especially hardened sinners. Our prayers during a holy hour can bring tremendous healing!

After an opening prayer and intention, it varies greatly. Some people have prayers they like to do (i.e. a rosary or a chaplet); others just like to be silent and listen for God's voice in the peace and quiet. It's an opportunity to praise and thank Him for all the blessings in your life. You may have prayers of petition to bring to Him. Share your heart with Him. Sometimes it's an opportunity for some spiritual reading (there are a variety of books at the adoration station). You may enjoy journaling the thoughts that God whispers to you. If you like, you can visit the stations of the cross on the wall and pray the stations as you walk (you aren't required to sit in the pew the whole time, and some people choose to sit in pews other than the adoration station). Sometimes it's nice to just sit and BE with Him; not doing anything in particular but just being with Him. A holy hour is what you make it to be!

In the words of one of our adorers, "Time adoring our Lord has been one of my greatest blessings this year. I've come to rely on this time with Him. It's truly one of the most beautiful gifts."

If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to contact me at cstratman306@gmail.com or 402-890-5306. I'd love to visit with you about adoration!

God Bless!