May 20, 2021: Loosened Health Restrictions

Dear Saint Teresa Parishioners,

Things are changing and we are moving in a positive direction toward the end of the pandemic. The bishops of Nebraska have reinstated the obligation of all (healthy, non-risk) Catholics to physically attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation.

The Lancaster County health department has allowed its mask mandate to expire (12:01am on Friday). Masks will no longer be required in Lancaster County. The CDC (federal level) has removed its mask recommendation for vaccinated people. Based on this information, Father Hottovy and the parish council have decided to go along with the LLCHD’s decision.

Beginning this weekend, here’s how it’s going to work at Saint Teresa:

  • Masks are no longer required in the church.
  • Most of the church will be available for non-distanced seating. The transepts and a small section at the back will be reserved for distancing (every-other-pew).
  • Holy Communion will still be distributed in the back of the church for those who prefer to receive in-the-hand.
  • Air Scrubbers will continue to operate in the church building (and rectory and convent).
  • As always, if you are not well, stay at home.
  • Would you prefer to be at Mass with fewer people? Sunday’s Noon Mass has the lightest attendance.

Peace and Health in the Lord,
Father Jamie Hottovy
Pastor | Saint Teresa Parish