June 13th & 14th Eucharistic Procession

There will be TWO Eucharistic Processions this weekend. Both are very simple processions. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, people are not invited to follow the procession BUT are encouraged to come to the route of the procession(s) to adore Our Eucharistic Lord.

The first will be the 8th Eucharistic Procession and will take place on Saturday, June 13th beginning at 10am (with Prayers Against Pandemics at 9:45 in the church). It will begin at about 33rd & Washington and wind through the area, ending at about 42nd & South. The map—the only map attached to this e-mail—details Saturday’s procession.

The second is the Corpus Christi Procession which will take place on Sunday, June 14th at around 9am (after 8am Mass). The Corpus Christi Procession will follow its traditional route (beginning at the church and heading East toward the Pink Sisters Chapel): Randolph Street to Fall Creek Road, Fall Creek Road to Fairdale Road, Fairdale Road to Piedmont Road, Piedmont Road to Valley Road, Valley Road to South Cotner Blvd, and will enter the Pink Sisters’ grounds via the South Cotner Blvd entrance.

June 13 & 14th Eucharistic Procession Map

Be sure to tell fellow parishioners and neighbors about these processions, especially those who are homebound and may not use e-mail or internet!

God bless you and keep you.