June 2, 2021: Eucharistic Adoration Sign-Up

Hello, Saint Teresa Parishioners,

We are in need of Adorers to be with Our Lord during hours of exposition, which are Sundays 1-9, Monday-Friday 9-9, and Saturdays 9-4. There are currently 9 Holy Hours which need to be filled.

Because it is summer and people often travel during summer, we need extra holy hour subs, too! Please consider taking an hour and/or signing up to substitute. During Nebraska’s invariably hot summers, remember: Jesus awaits you in a quiet, cool church! And there are fans… because even a nice, cool church needs a breeze. 😉

Finding a substitute has become much easier: call Ron Zimmer at (M) 402-310-9342. He will arrange one for you. You may also call Ron if you need help signing up for an hour or if you have questions about Adoration.

The online sign up (Sign Up Genius) is HERE. This session goes through July 3rd.

Current Open Hours are:

  • Sundays 2-3pm
  • Sundays 3-4pm
  • Sundays 5-6pm
  • Mondays 1-2pm
  • Wednesdays 10-11am
  • Wednesdays 11-Noon
  • Thursdays 3-4pm
  • Fridays 11-Noon
  • Fridays 4-5pm

Hope you’re enjoying the beautiful weather!

God bless,